Windshield Wiper Replacement

Replace Your Ford Windshield Wiper Blades in Dillsburg, PA

It’s never a pleasant surprise to find that your windshield wipers need to be replaced. Windshield wipers naturally decay, so replacing them about every six months isn’t unreasonable. We here at Bob Ruth Ford are waiting to help you replace your wiper blades, and we’ll treat your car with as much care as we can like we would do in any other service.

Why Bob Ruth Ford Is the Best Choice for Your Wiper Blade Replacement

Replacing wiper blades can seem like a trivial task, but the truth is that nothing is more important to you during inclement weather than your visibility. We here at Bob Ruth Ford care about you and your safety, and so we want to make sure your wiper blades are installed right. We know our certified technicians will make sure your new blades are positioned correctly and flush with the windshield, and you can know with confidence that you’ll have the visibility that comes with new wiper blades after we’re done.

Signs You Might Need a Wiper Blade Change

Your wiper blades decay over time, and UV light and fluctuating temperatures can quicken that process. You might even be able to see cracks, warps, or chips in your wiper blades’ rubber, but there will be some pretty obvious signs letting you know it’s time to switch them out. These include leaving a streak of water across the window, letting the water pool up after it’s wiped, or hearing a vibration or squeaking noise every time the wipers go across your windshield.

How Often Wiper Blades Are Changed

In general, windshield wiper blades decay after about 6 months, but this can vary widely depending on how your car is stored, how often you use your car and our local weather here in the Dillsburg area. Our summers can get a little muggy, and the cold of winter can bite. Your wiper blades may decay because of exposure to these conditions, so the best time to change your wiper blades isn’t after a period of time or a mileage interval. As soon as you notice any obstruction of your field of view as the driver, it’s time to change your wiper blades.


Come to Bob Ruth Ford for Your Wiper Blade Replacement

We’re ready and waiting to help you get visibility back with new windshield wipers. We provide OEM parts, so your wiper blades will be genuine Ford wiper blades, giving you confidence that they’ll last as long as possible. Check out our service & parts specials, and set up your online appointment today!

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