Country Hill Motors Season of Giving

Getting in the Spirit of Giving

Country Hill’s Season of Giving is our most important and our favorite tradition! We started in 2008 by giving away a minivan packed with toys to a single mother in need in our community. After reading those first submissions and watching how big of an impact our small gift had on the family, we knew we had to continue the tradition.

With the support of our amazing team, and now with the help of other local businesses, our Season of Giving has continued to grow and we have been able to help even more families every year. We have now given away more than a dozen minivans, free furnaces, groceries for a year, and hosted a home-cooked dinner for families with children staying at Children’s Mercy’s NICU.

If you want to get involved with our Season of Giving, we would love the help! You can nominate a family, donate toys and gifts, or just join us for our Season of Giving Celebration held in our Merriam store!

We hope you join us for our next Season of Giving Celebration in Merriam!