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Oil Change Service at Country Hill Motors

While there are hundreds of different commercial brands of oil, all those oils fall neatly into four categories. These four categories define our oil change services, so we’ve compiled a list of the oil change services we provide and what’s special about the oil they use:

Conventional Oil Change

Conventional oil is basically the standard motor oil that cars have used since the invention of the automobile. Over time purification processes have improved, but it will cool and lubricate your engine like any other oil.

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil has chemical additives that make the oil function more optimally at your engine’s temperatures and pressures. These also boost the protection the oil gives to the engine parts.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-synthetic oil can be thought of as a blend of synthetic and conventional oil, aiming to give you both benefits of both in one oil.

Diesel Oil Change

Diesel oil is specifically made for diesel engines. Non-diesel oil would soon burn in the extreme conditions of a diesel engine, and it would rapidly deteriorate.

Oil Services Provided at Country Hill Motors

When you need oil change services in or around Kansas City and Merriam area, join Country Hill Motors. We serve the surrounding areas ofKansas City, Olathe, or Merriam, KS as well. You can schedule your battery service appointment over the phone or using our online scheduling system. Simply include the services you would like completed, then choose the time that works best with your busy schedule. Be sure to take advantage of our complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection with each visit. When you want the best value for your automotive services, we provide it at Country Hill Motors. With the in-depth expertise you need and the affordable prices you’re looking for, we are your trusted partners in Ford car care near you.

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