MINDDRIVE'S mission is to inspire students to learn, expand their vision of the future, and to have a positive impact on urban workforce development. MINDDRIVE serves 40 students from the urban core of Kansas City, currently working with over 5 area schools; there are 28 students participating in Automotive Design Studio and 12 in Contemporary Communications. The students choose their course and also are given the freedom to align with the particular aspect of the project that gets them the most jazzed. Mentors play a huge role in finding what that spark is for each student, then figuring out a way to inspire them in that direction.

Country Hill Motors recognizes the critical importance of engaging young people, particularly in those neighborhoods that provide less than adequate support and opportunities for kids and students. That's why we are proud and excited to be supporting MINDDRIVE by donating parts, participating in mentoring, and helping raise awareness and funding.