Country Hill Motors of Merriam
Phone: (913) 362-7111
6639 E Frontage Road
Merriam, KS 66202
country hill motors of olathe
(913) 768-6211
1501 e. santa fe st.
olathe, ks 66061

Meet the Staff

Accounting Office

  • Anna  Hartzell

    Anna Hartzell

    Office Manager

    (913) 214-3101

  • David Fries

    David Fries

    Accounts Payable/Receivable

    (913) 214-3103

  • Katie Hestand

    Katie Hestand


    (913) 214-3104

  • Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones


Merriam Country Hill Crew

  • Brian  O'Banion

    Brian O'Banion

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 362-7111

  • Debra Julian

    Debra Julian

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 214-3022

    With over her 20 years in customer service, Debra understands that it is important to treat people the way she wants to be treated! Her laid back and no pressure approach isn't something she has to try at, luckily for us, it's just who she is. Coupled with an unrelenting work ethic, Debra is always excited to make a new connection and help you find the car you want, need and can afford.  

  • Dennis Denlinger

    Dennis Denlinger

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 214-3023

  • Dominick Locascio

    Dominick Locascio

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 214-3021

    Dominick has been in the car business for over 30 years.  He come with a back ground in Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, Toyota and Kia.  With this background and knowledge he can help you find the right car at the right price.  Don't hesitate to give him a call and put him to work for you.

  • Jose Perez

    Jose Perez


  • Julia  Hernandez

    Julia Hernandez

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 362-7111

  • Paul  Boring

    Paul Boring

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 362-7111

  • Ric  Gianino

    Ric Gianino

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 768-6211

Merriam Team Leaders

  • Bogdan Zaslavsky

    Bogdan Zaslavsky

    General Manager

    (913) 214-3033

  • Danny Zaslavsky

    Danny Zaslavsky

    Director of Operations

    (913) 214-3030

  • Jon Cowdin

    Jon Cowdin

    Finance Director

    (913) 214-3031

  • Kris Rodenbaugh

    Kris Rodenbaugh

    Sales Manager

    (913) 214-3025

  • Mike Payne

    Mike Payne

    Finance Manager

    (913) 214-3032

Olathe Country Hill Crew

  • Ben Turner

    Ben Turner

    Car Enthusiast

    (713) 768-6211

  • brent pittman

    brent pittman

    car enthusiest

    (913) 768-6211

  • Gricelda Barraza-Villegas

    Gricelda Barraza-Villegas

    Car Enthusiast

    (913) 768-6211

Olathe Team Leaders

  • Ric Gianino

    Ric Gianino

    Senior Sales Associate

    (913) 768-6211

  • Rob Zuel

    Rob Zuel

    Sales Manager

    (913) 214-3061

Service Department

  • Jason Stull

    Jason Stull

    Service Manager

    (913) 236-9600